Dr Martin Fascione

Nominally in charge, but good at delegating

Julia Walton

All-round technical genius


-Julia Walton-13

Harriet Chidwick

Rosetrees Trust funded PhD , CoI: Prof Gideon Davies, from Oct 2014-2018; PDRA 2018

Tessa Keenan


PhD students

Emily- Lab photo 1 copy

Emily Flack

EPSRC funded PhD, CoI: Dr Gavin Thomas, from Oct 2015
-Julia Walton-19

Robin Brabham

University of York funded PhD, from Oct 2015
-Julia Walton-8

Jenny Hayes

BBSRC DTP iCASE with Prozomix, from Oct 2016
-Julia Walton-10

Lewis Gooch

EPSRC funded PhD from Oct 2016, CoI: Prof Peter O’Brien, Dr Daniel Ungar

Alexandra Males

BBSRC DTP funded PhD with Prof Gideon Davies, CoI: Dr Martin Fascione, from Oct 2015
-Julia Walton-18

Nick Yates

BBSRC DTP funded PhD with Dr Alison Parkin from Oct 2016, CoI: Dr Martin Fascione

Natasha Hatton

EPSRC NPIF funded PhD from Oct 2017, with GlycoUniverse. CoI: Dr Christoph Baumann, Dr Laurence Wilson



Lyndon Gledhill

MChem student
martha crop

Martha Fascione

Honorary member and child scientist
IMG_0628 (1)

Lily Fascione

Honorary member and doll collector

Liz Watton

Biochem student

Former Members


Dr Darshita Budhadev

PDRA 2016-2018, currently PDRA with Prof Dejian Zhou, University of Leeds
-Julia Walton-12

Richard Spears

PhD 2014-17, PDRA 2017-18, currently PDRA with Dr Vijay Chudusama, UCL

Students and Visitors

Timothy Rozday (2014/15), Karinna Saxby (2015/16), Gintare Bucaite (Biochem, 2014/15), Katherine Norman (Chemistry Undergraduate Summer student 2015), Matthew Taylor (Chemistry Undergraduate Summer student 2016), Elizabeth Walton (Biocemistry Undergraduate Summer student 2017), Melissa Davie (Chemistry Undergraduate Summer student 2017), Dr Ralf Schwoerer, visitor from University of Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand, Sept 2017, Rhys Mills (MChem 2017-18), Matthew Best (MChem 2017-18)


Dr Alison Parkin

Chemistry, University of York
“electron whisperer and science style icon"

Dr Bruce Turnbull

University of Leeds
“unofficially the worlds 3rd tallest glycoscientist and all-round good egg”

Prof Gideon Davies, FRS, FMedSci, FRSC

YSBL, Chemistry, University of York

Dr Laurence Wilson

Physics, University of York

Prof Rob Field

John Innes Centre, UK

Prof Peter Tyler

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Dr Christoph Baumann

Biology, University of York

Dr Nathalie Signoret

HYMS, University of York

Dr Michael Plevin

Biology, University of York

Dr Gavin Thomas

Biology, University of York



We’re always looking for talented people to join our team.
Prospective graduate students or postdoctoral fellows should send a CV and details of their research interests and experience. We are always happy to support applications from scientists with a range of different skills and offer interdisciplinary projects in diverse areas including chemical biology, bioorthogonal chemistry, enzymology, synthetic carbohydrate and protein chemistry. Prospective team members are also encouraged to apply for their own funding and should contact Martin for more details.


Department of Chemistry,
University of York,
YO10 5DD